Sightseeing Maine at Christmas

So the wife and I decided in the heat of August in Florida that Maine at Christmas sure seemed like a swell idea. It won’t be that cold. And better yet, how about an all-day sightseeing tour the day after Christmas? Einstein was blushing. As he should have been, after the amazing experience we had with Maine Day Trip tours wonderfully led by Norm, the owner and our guide for the day.
After picking us up at our hotel a little before 9, Norm filled the next six and a half hours with spectacular sights of lighthouses and more all along the coast, as well as nuggets of history and factoids my wife and I ate up like Maine pigs to whoopee pies.
He was warm and friendly and perfectly timed the visits to the various sights to get the best views. When we first got in his van, I quipped that he probably didn’t get a whole lot of folks wanting a Maine tour in the dead of winter. He said it wasn’t common, but my wife and I are glad we made the uncommon decision to spend the day with Norm and all the beauty Maine has to offer. Cheers!

Matthew T.