Absolutely Spectacular Customized Photography Tour

When Norm heard that we wanted a photography tour, he did not disappoint. From moment one he had planned out an itinerary of bucolic and iconic Maine sites. From the famous Portland Head Lighthouse to off the beaten path locations that no tourist ever attended, he found spots to take gorgeous photos and videos. 
Although the weather on the day we visited was overcast, Norm even planned for those weather contingencies and had multiple locations ready for us to film from. He helped to structure the tour so that lighting was best for the specific shot. Prior to our tour, Norm had also location scouted a variety of different locations so that he could recommend specific spots from which to film rather than us wasting time looking for a spot to shoot from.
Norm was also extremely hospitable and friendly and epitomized Maine hospitality.
Norm and his company have the flexibility to cater the tour to your exact specifications: You want local only food places for foodies; you want a tour in Cantonese or Portuguese; You want a tour of all lighthouses — nothing was a problem.
Norm also took us to a local restaurant that had some of the best clam chowder in the east coast, and the absolute best lemon mascarpone cheesecake that I have ever tasted in my life.
Thank you Norm. We would never do Maine without first booking a tour with you.
Steve M.