Best Lighthouse Tour

I was in Portland and Bar Harbor, Maine for five days for my birthday and the goal was to see at least 12 lighthouses with an ultimate goal of seeing all fifty states in the next few years. I actually saw 19 lighthouses and each guide was knowledgeable, friendly, prompt and good drivers.

Being a private tour, it was more expensive than a group tour and worth every dollar. As a bonus I also saw the Portland Freedom Trail, Kennebunk and a host of other sites including a prison store, Stonewall Company and alpacas which we don’t have in CA 🙂

I am vegetarian and one of the guides, Leigh, did research to make sure my food needs were met which was great and so caring and she had a great sense of ease about her.

The company provided information on hotels before I booked my trip. Don even took me to the airport at the end of the tour and he had a wonderful sense of humor. They had books and maps and the owner Norm provided bonus gifts that are very special and remind me of the great trip each time I look at them.
Each day was special and I had an absolutely wonderful time on this tour. If or when I go back to Maine I would definitely use this company again! Thank you Leigh, Don and Norm.

Sharon M.